EZ Feeder Kit ~ Small

Eco Nets

$ 202.50 CAD $ 300.00 CAD

Eco Nets developed the Small EZ Feeder Kit, for feeders under 17 ft in circumference, to attach our net to "your" round bale feeder so they become one. Once attached simply set feeder over bale, with net attached, and you're done feeding. Conduit is sturdy & somewhat flexible. 

Feeder must be under 17 ft in circumference ( 5.75 ft Diameter). Weave every other diamond of folded edge of net onto conduit (2 layers), measure inside feeder so it will fit snuggly (with connector), cut off excess pipe, install plug & tighten clamp, equally space net on pipe and attach to feeder using the cable ties but do not over tighten. Attach where solid side or horizontal bars & the uprights start, approx. 2-3 ft from ground. Use enough attachments that it will be secure and horses cannot push pipe/net away from feeder, approx. every foot.
*** If attaching to a Poly feeder you may need to pre-drill holes, 2 per attachment point 1 above & below, make sure you place pipe 2/3 way to top so net reaches over bale easily and feeder will still touch the ground.

Available in Reg & HD 1.5"
Most horses need the 1.5" net but if they need more restriction because they have previously foundered, are Metabolic or Insulin Resistant, or are super easy keepers or breeds like Icelandic/Fjord, ponies or mini's then they need to start on the 1" net. Not currently available in this size.
The HD is for more aggressive eaters or situations where the net will be used year round.