Eco Nets

Round Bale Net - Medium

Eco Nets

$ 270.00 CAD $ 300.00 CAD

Reg + HD 1.5" + 1" Medium nets fit 1000-1500 lbs or 5x5' to 6x6' round bales. Available in Reg twine net or opt for our HD twine net which is double in size compared to our Reg nets. The HD net is designed for year round usage and to deter aggressive eaters/players and net chewers, but is NOT Guaranteed to stop net chewing, as only metal can do that! Protect with a feeder if Shod horses have access at anytime as they will paw & may get hung up or Injured.
** If always using a feeder check out our EZ Feeder Kits that attach to your feeder to simplify feeding ;))  

 Satisfies & occupies, helps prevent & relieves respiratory issues, stall vices, cribbing, ulcers, colic, stress & boredom. Extend & slow hay consumption, the small amounts allow digestive system to work properly, better utilizing the nutrient value of the hay.

Please transition with loose hay for 3-5 days when starting out to keep horses curious and not frustrated, slowly lessen the amount of loose hay until eating comfortably from net. If shod horses have access you must use a feeder to protect from pawing ( or choose our EZ Feeder Kit which attaches to your feeder for simple feeding ) & getting caught or injured. Check regularly & fix/repair immediately, to prevent any further damage.