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Eco Nets

$ 58.50 CAD $ 65.00 CAD

Our Half bale net is very versatile and one of our Top Sellers !! It generously holds 1/2 of a small square bale( up to approx. 80 lbs) for all day feeding or fold in 1/2 and clip the d-rings together to make into 1/4 size net for holding 1-2 flakes when needed. New colors in limited #'s & net sizes: Raspberry, Teal, Hunter, Blue Aztec & Green Aztec colors.

Options: 1" & 1.5" opening in Reg or HD net.
~ 1" is the smallest net opening & is mostly used for mini's, foundered ponies & while travelling for average horses, excellent for in the trailer or box stall vs our standard 1.5".  Any time we take them away from home they are a little bit stressed and concentrating on their hay makes them less concerned about whats going on around them!!
~ 1.5" is for most average horses, anytime you use a net.

 HD vs Reg Net.

The HD Half net is made from a twine that is Double that of the Reg. This makes it extra durable against the aggressive eater, the overly playful and should deter the net chewer as it is more work. Not guaranteed against the net chewer, as it is not metal.