Eco Nets

Small Square Net

Eco Nets

$ 76.50 CAD $ 85.00 CAD

Fits up to an 80 lb Small Square (2 twine) bale, d-rings on both ends for securing into tubs or feeders. Generous circumference easily loads over square bale with draw cord closure. To Load ~ stand bale on end, scrunch net on your arms like a pillow case, push arms apart to stretch net out in width, then slip over top end of bale & shake bale to let net fall down the sides, no pulling & tugging ((Note that if using for 1st time, net may be stiffer in the cold)), set bale on side, pull draw cord tight, use d-ring to tie knot securely closed - done !! (use carabiner clip on d-ring + thru tail end of slip knot so horses cannot untie the knot. but its easy to undo later)
Note: remove twines when at pen for easier carrying or stacking.

Tip ~ Hang by the seam on both ends ( trailer bungee ties work well ), put on opposite side of fence as horse, the weight keeps hay against fence, horses eat without being able to paw ;))

Options: Available in 1.5" & 1" net openings ( for .5" Square see .5" net)

.5" is the highest level of restriction we offer, great for Mini's or foundered ponies - not recommended for saddle horse size unless they are proficient on our 1".( look under the 1/2" nets for this size)
1" net offers mid level restriction & excellent for in the trailer or box stall vs our standard 1.5" which is for the majority of horses (with no weight issues).  Any time we take them away from home they are a little bit stressed and concentrating on their hay makes them less concerned about whats going on around them!!

HD vs Reg Net.

The HD net is made from a twine that is Double that of the Reg. This makes it extra durable against the aggressive eater, the overly playful and should deter the net chewer as it is more work. Not guaranteed against the net chewer, as it is not metal.