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$ 40.50 CAD $ 45.00 CAD

"Trailer Net" is a handy & durable net, that holds 2 Flakes of hay, great for trailering, keeping your horse occupied while saddling or just waiting for the farrier. Made with 1.5" + 1" in Reg or HD netting and comes in standard Black. .
- Has a swivel snap sliding loose on the rope, use to attach to either the top or bottom D-ring to hang at just the right height. Snap can be removed if not needed.
- NOTE: The HD Trailer Net has a smaller circumference so only holds 2 flakes while the MINI net holds up to 4 flakes because of it's 1 foot wider circumference, otherwise they are the same length.

HD - means it is made with our Heavy Duty net, which is double the size of our Reg net.  
Only available in Black.

**Also available with a Reflective Strip added to the seam for finding in the dark when ground feeding.
**Any in-stock printed webbing can be Custom made into these, additional charge will apply.