RIP ~ Lena

LenaJo Johnson ~ March 9,1998 to Dec 18, 2021 
~ Shauna's Daughter  ~


  My beautiful daughter LenaJo Johnson ( my Baby Girl) passed away Dec 18, 2021 at the young age of 23. I still cannot believe it's true, Lena was my mini-me, my only child, a part of me & my everything... and a large part of why I created EcoNets.

   Lena was a beautiful, funny, giving young woman who wore her heart on her sleeve for everyone to see. She had a big smile, sparkling brown eyes, and long (usually) dark blonde hair. She loved to joke, tease & banter and was comfortable in almost any group of people, because she loved making people laugh. Everyone went to her for help with their relationships and life problems, she gave better advice than she took herself, and would drop everything at a moment's notice to go help a friend.

   I'm thankful to have always had a 'very close' loving relationship with my daughter. We hugged every time we saw each other & every time we parted, our love for each other was unconditional & forever. We said we love each other to the moon 🌙 & stars ⭐️ and even got matching infinity ♾ tattoo on our left wrists. She could tell me anything & we discussed everything. She always told people I was her rock, but this rock has cracked without her. I just cannot believe she's really gone...💔💜💔 

I have the love & support of Mike by my side, Lena was so happy for us & appreciated all he does for me, my mom Freda M Lucas whom she loved dearly, many family & friends and my amazing work family at the shop, especially Shar & June, whom she loved & respected.

  *** Lena had many many friends … I'm asking everyone that knew her to post on her FB page a fond memory, funny story, how she made you laugh or how she helped you. As you look through the pictures & remember a story please add it. Let's make Lena's memory light, fun & heartwarming like the beautiful, heart of gold, warm, giving, young lady that she will always be remembered for.