Eco Nets

1/2" Nets

Eco Nets

$ 35.00 CAD 

1/2" is the smallest size of net we offer. Best suited for minis, small ponies, foundered, or severely overweight smaller breeds because of the maximum restriction of this net. We offer the 1/2” net in Micro, Mini, Half & Square sizes.
Please Note: We will only be offering Purple & Black as webbing color choices, at this time. If you'd prefer another color please contact us to have it made. Note: Other colors may take up to an additional 1-7 days

** Most average-sized horses will quickly become frustrated with the very small opening of this net. We only recommend using the 1/2” net with average-sized horses after they have already become too efficient on a 1" net size or even a doubled netted 1”. 

Note: For rabbits and small caged animals to eat their hay and not use it for bedding, see our "Critter Net".