$ 20.00 CAD 

Safety Release for Tying. No more ugly string – use Equi Ping
Equi-Ping keeps the horse tied safely under normal conditions. It only “pings” snaps open if the horse panics and pulls back sharply then just snap it back together.

The Equi Ping has different levels of strength depending on your horses needs. You can now regulate the amount and time of your horse's struggle to break free. This can prevent neck injury and stop equipment breakage. From 1 arrow head (about 8 lbs of pressure not recommend) to all 4 arrow heads (about 170 lbs of pressure). Manufacture recommends to start at the number 2 or number 3 arrowhead to start. When using cross ties one side at 2 and the other side at 3 to start. Reusable up to 25 times at full strength. Security Sleeve included.
Available in 5 color's: purple, pink, blue, red and black.

Cross Ties * Young Horses * Trailers * Horse Shows * Hay Nets * Buckets

Comes with 1 security sleeve!

equi-ping-sleeve.png  equi-ping-blue.jpg                  equi-ping-close-red.jpg

Two small bumps hold the security sleeve in place.
Make sure the sleeve is in-between the 2 bumps to keep it in place. This works for the 2,3,and 4 arrow head position only.


Make sure the sleeve is on correctly with the groove side matching the track side.