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Eco Nets

$ 270.00 CAD $ 300.00 CAD

Eco Nets EZ Feeder Kit adds 'our' net to "your" round bale feeder with the hardware kit. Together the net becomes part of your feeder & simplifies feeding with a net & feeder. We hear that the guys luv it, as it's quick & easy, and they can feed on their own. You may order the complete kit or just the net and create your own hardware to attach. Watch the video to see how simple it really is to use and order yours today ;))

Fits feeders up to 7.5 ft in diameter or 23.5 ft in circumference, if your feeder is over these measurements then you need the Large size. The hose is sturdy & flexible (don't over tighten the cable ties around the hose). Simplify your feeding, if you have a feeder but need a net or use a feeder and an EcoNet already, then the "EZ Feeder Kit" is for you. Attach net to feeder, with the kit, then just set feeder (with net attached) over bale and your done!! 

Feeder must be less than 7.5 ft diameter or 23.5 ft in circumference. Install connector and clamp on 1 end, then Weave every other diamond, of doubled over edge of net (2 layers) onto hose, spread net evenly over hose and place inside feeder so it will fit snuggly (with connector), cut off excess hose and attach other end to connector with clamp. Start attaching to feeder using provided cable ties, don't over tighten and attach where horizontal & uprights start - approx. 3-3.5 ft from ground. Use enough attachments that it will be secure and horses cannot push pipe/net away from feeder, approx. every foot.
** If attaching to a Poly feeder you may need to pre-drill holes, 2 per attachment point, make sure you place pipe 2/3 way to top so net reaches over bale easily and will still touch the ground.

Available in Reg or HD 1.5" + 1" and HD 2" netting.
Most horses need the 1.5" net but if they need more restriction because they have previously foundered, are Metabolic or Insulin Resistant, or are super easy keepers or breeds like Icelandic/Fjord, ponies or mini's then they need to start on the 1" net.
The HD is for more aggressive eaters or situations where the net will be used year round. 
HD 2" is for older horses, horses that get frustrated on nets or young horses where the hay is course/long and they may have a hard time getting it out of a 1.5" net.