Round Bale Net - HD 1.5" Extra Large


$ 500.00 CAD 

Our BIGGEST round bale net with a diameter up to 11 ft or 35 ft circumference !! This net is recommended for bales 7x7 or larger. It is only available in the HD 1.5" size net. Weighing almost 15 kg or 33 lbs and is over 20 ft of netting !! 
The net alone is 12" tall, 20" wide + 22" deep when folded up before it is sewn + packaged. This is one BIG net for those who make Big bales for their own feeding.

** Please Note: If your bales are not over 6x7 ft do not purchase this net, as it will be way to huge and there will be to much excess net.

*** No Refunds or Exchanges allowed on this net if you ordered the wrong size, unless it is unopened and in it's completely original packaging. Once opened there is no exchanges or refunds.