Eco Nets

Round Bale Net - Small

Eco Nets

$ 202.50 CAD $ 225.00 CAD

Fits 400 to 1000 Lb or 4x4 up to 5x5 Round bales. For the smaller Central, Eastern and some West Coast bales. There may be excess netting on the small sized bales, bunch up and hold together with a bungee cord. This size of net works great for filling with Small Squares too. Available in Reg twine or opt for our HD twine where the twine of the net has been doubled & is much thicker than our Reg net. The HD net is Designed to deter aggressive eaters or net chewers, but is NOT guaranteed to stop net chewing, as only metal can do that!
Protect with a feeder if Shod horses have access at anytime as they will paw & get hung up or Injured.
Have yo seen our EZ Feeder Kits in action? Check out the video page before ordering, you may change your mind !!

Be sure to protect from shod horses pawing & getting caught by using a feeder.

To load- set bale on end, throw over top and let drape down the sides, stretch top end snug and tucked in around bottom, tip bale over, find draw cord and pull till almost tightened, tie off excess rope in a couple knots & put inside of net, finish closing and securely tie to D ring provided. If horses like to undo net, clip a carabiner to D ring and also tail end of knot loop, then they cannot pull undone!!

Works well for stacking small square bales into to extend the time between feedings. Just set closed end on ground, spread out and stack bales until you can still completely close. Best to load bales in where u plan on feeding.