I started developing what has turned into Eco Nets, after doing research on Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance for my daughters 20 yr old mare. I found that using nets with small holes, Small Mesh Hay Nets, would offer her the ability to eat her hay over a longer period of time. Eventually I gave her unrestricted access to the full nets, this satisfied her chewing requirements, and significantly reduced the amount she consumed. Soon word of the benefits of using the nets spread and here Eco Nets is today.
We, as a team, have worked with the customer to make nets to hold hay in most of the sizes that are commonly used. Everything from 1/2 a Flake of hay all the way up to 7′ x 7′ Round bale and in 3 different sizes of mesh! New idea’s are being tested & developed. With the popularity of Small Mesh gaining daily, we are able to help more and more horses and their owners all over the world :))

We are proud to provide Eco Nets for:

~2013 World Professional Chuckwagon Assoc (WPCA) Champion
 ” Rick Fraser  from Wetaskiwin , AB.
~Lord Strathcona’s Horse Mounted Troop
 from the Edmonton CFB Base.
~ Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Rescue
Bec – Chilliwack, BC.

New option of  Dee Ring’s on both ends of the
Mini & Half nets & a Snap on the draw Cord.

No more tying knots & fighting to undo them later…
Just Load, Snap & Go, it’s that EZ! 

The Square, Texas and Round bale nets now come with a D Ring to make securing your large nets closed as EZ as 1, 2, ” D ” !!

As well there’s a new option of a “Purple Pouch” sewn into the seam of the Round Bale nets for you to store the excess draw cord rather than just sticking it inside the net. Now isn’t that convenient?

We received this email from Kerry M:
I received the net a few days ago & have been using it ever since. It really works well- the D rings really do make it easier to close the net & also to hang it. The net itself is great too!- very sturdy- my mare has no trouble eating from it (referring to the 1 inch mesh)

Check out the Products Page.

New Product:
colored web + ropeColored Web + Draw Cord in D Ring style!!
Choose Purple, Red, Black, Blue, Green or Zebra.
The 1/2 Inch Mesh in BLACK
"D Ring" style only: Square, Half, Mini & Micro sizes.

Using an Eco Net slows down the hay consumption by making the horse take 5-7 nibbles rather than 1 big bite. This increases chewing motion, slows intake & eases any digestive stress. This relieve's ulcers, cribbing, boredom & other stresses as well. By restricting the hay with the Eco Nets the horse is challenged to figure out where to nibble the hay from the net, engaging his brain and  creating  curiosity and less boredom.

Horses in nature browse and graze throughout the day, best utilizing their digestive system. Horses in stalls or pens are usually fed 2-3 times a day and this taxes their digestive system. By using an Eco Net, you extend the time it takes to consume their ration, without using more hay, thus feeding in a more natural way.

Use Eco Nets to offer 'restricted free-access', where they learn that they will never run out of feed (similar to horses on pasture). Provide more nets than there are horses (or use our round bale nets) and never let them run out of feed. The horses will learn that their food is always available and the stress associated with getting or guarding food will go away.

The benefit's to the horse owner are many. First the horses' actual consumption rate drops by close to 30% as he is better able to utilize the smaller consistent amounts. Next, as the horses eat, any hay that falls to the ground is now cleaned up like a Dyson vacuum cleaner almost eliminating the waste completely! These 2 things combined make the hay last close to 50% longer than previously, on average, depending on types of hay,  horses and location. That is a large saving over the course of the winter or year. Also the horses relax, and you will see a significant difference in their attitude and interaction between themselves. Not to mention that their performance, whether trail riding or competition, will improve when they are on the nets.

All of our products are developed, tested and sewn right here in Millet, Alberta, Canada by dedicated horse people.

Rick Fraser, the 2013 World Champion "WPCA"

rotate9World Professional Chuckwagon Association Champion Rick Fraser uses Eco Nets to feed hay to his champion race horse's both on the road and at home. On the road the new Dee Ring Mini's are Rick's product of choice. Now his horses's are able to eat as they travel !
Rick won the High River - Guy Weadick Days, way to go "Rick and TEAM 23"


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