Small Nets


$ 45.00 CAD 

Here you'll find our Mini, Half, and Square nets. Our small nets have a generously sized opening so they are easy to load, welded d-rings on top and bottom, with a durable sliding swivel snap on a 1/4" double braid drawcord. These features make them easy to load, hang & use.
Also when you secure the D-ring to a solid eye hook (using a carabiner or bucket hook) they will not drop lower than the height hung as the hay is eaten, making them safer than other nets (unlike typical old-fashioned nets that get longer as the hay is consumed).

Mini    - holds 1-4 flakes
Half    - holds up to 1/2 of a small square
           - to make it into a smaller net:
           - add 1-4 flakes & fold net in half 
           - clip the 2 d-rings together & hang
Square - holds 1 small square from 50-75 lbs
             - or 2 smaller/compact 30-40 lb bales

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Melissa White

Great nets

Lynda Erb
Hay Savers

Love these HD nets, rugged, perfect size for the stalls, slows down hay consumption overnight when they are indoors due to bad weather. I also bought the round bale HD net and the large square bale HD net for the outdoor feeders. Good for controlling the over eaters, who gain too much weight.

Laura Friesen
Way Too Big

The small net was suppose to be suitable for one small bale. However it could fit almost two. I haven’t actually hung it for anyone as I had bought it to hang an entire small bale in the stall, but it’s way too big. I can’t comment on its strength since no horses have fed from it. Not sure what I with it since it’s such an awkward size. Too big for small bales and too small for large bales.

Aundrea Bright
Half bale HD net

We have been using these nets for years. We always buy the HD as the horses do wear holes in them over a season. We repair as needed, but ultimately have to replace every year. It gives the horses something to do during the long inactive periods in the barn, and there is no wasted hay.

Monica Hobson

Super product! I must have over 50 nets for my 5 horses.