Small Nets



Here you'll find our Trailer, Mini, Half, Square, and Texas sized nets. Our small nets have a generously sized opening so they are easy to load with hay, have d-rings on top and bottom with a durable sliding swivel snap on a 1/4" double braid drawcord. These features make them easy to load, hang & use. Also when you secure the d-ring to a solid eye hook they will not drop lower than the height hung, as the hay is eaten, making them safer (unlike typical old-fashioned nets that get longer as the hay is eaten).

Trailer - holds 1-2 flakes
Mini's - holds 1-4 flakes
Half's - holds up to 1/2 of a small square
           - to make it into a smaller net:
           - add 1-4 flakes & fold net in half 
           - clip the 2 d-rings together & hang
Square - holds 1 small square from 50-75 lbs
             - or 2 smaller/compact 30-40 lb bales
Texas - holds 2 small squares side by side or one 3 string bale

Note that Trailer & Texas have Purple web on 1.5" + 1"  Reg nets and Black webbing on HD nets, like 2", 1.5" + 1" HD. All the other small nets have 7 colors of webbing to choose from.

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Born
Best thing since sliced bread

Texas net was perfect for 2 squares , which fit in my new “hay “ house built by my grandson


I have not used Eco nets before so was unaware of what they should look like, a friend uses them and loves them and helped me get it to where its usable. The top part of the net is weird we just strung it through. the string was just loose not attached anywhere. now that that's figured out, I like it

Sylvia Schilperoort
Trailer size nets

I love my hay nets, they are sturdy material and easy to hang and clip, highly recommend

Joan Patton

Small Nets

1.5" HD mini net

This was my 4th net from you. I love the design and durability but this time when I opened the package there was a STRONG chemical smell (almost like gasoline) coming from the net. I didn't experience that with my other 3. Have you changed suppliers? I am concerned that the material is toxic. My horse bites at the net sometimes to get started.
Please let me know.
Sandra Bater