Sponsored Riders

Sponsored Riders

Our Sponsored Riders along with their testimonials
of why they choose to use EcoNets and the benefits they found

Multi Sport

Charlotte Fischer

Charlotte on her bay horse Bugs at CFR 2022


Barrel Racing

Nancy Csabay
Nancy Csabay

Nancy said this Fall 2018 - These #EcoNets make our lives so much easier. While we are away on a holiday to Europe, we are going to put out 5 bales into our pens (a bale in each pen) and all Tony’s dad has to do is open a gate after one is eaten up. No feeding morning and night, no messing around. Simple! I especially like them because the horses can’t root their noses into the round bale and fill their lungs with dust, plus no wasted hay is on the ground for them to pee in😉 Great way to save money on hay...pays for the net right there!

Rene LeClerq
Rene LeClerq & Shauna of Econets 

Trina Marshal 
Trina Marshal with EcoNet

Meggie MacKenzie
Meggie & Muffet with their EcoNet

Cross Country

Abbey AlexanderAbbey A with EcoNet
Abbey Alexander

Glen Beveridge
Glen & Danielle of GD Cutting Horses with EcoNets



Tracy Vollman
Lexi Vollman

Tracy Vollman with her EcoNets

Mounted Shooting

Sharon & Doug Wickham

Lady wearing a purple dress on a black horse


Reined Cow Horse

Colter Schlosser
Colter Schlosser with Shauna Johnson owner & creator of EcoNets


Trainer & Entertainer

Glen Stewart 

World QH + Paint Shows

Chris Miller CMPHH
Chris from CMPHH