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Please note:
We are currently taking Pre-Orders for 1” & 2” big net sizes.
A back log with our suppliers, due to Covid related restrictions.
We expect to have supplies in about a week .
* Pre-Ordered Nets will be send out in the order they were received, 
then the website inventory will be updated.
If you can wait, please place a Pre-Order to get in the order que.
~ We apologize for the inconvenience & wait time.


** 1.5” Reg + HD nets are now available **

Pre-Orders will ship out this week

Thanks for your patience !! 



To help lower shipping costs we are using a shipping service
Enter your mailing & physical address, if you are able.

Ex: Rural Alberta's Blue location addresses




EcoNets are:

* easy to use

* simple & safe

* durable & long lasting


* extend hay up to 50%

* save you time + money

* keep horses healthy, happy & content

* help you to spend more time with your horse

"Tips & Info" page:

* helpful hints
* how to start
* size of net needed + why
* ways to feed more efficiently
* ways to save time & much more


EcoNets developed when my daughters 20 yr old mare, Precious, went Metabolic & Insulin Resistant. When I couldn't find a solution to control her ravenous hunger & weight gain, I set out to make one myself. 10 years later, we're still making nets & developing products with your feedback.
We help passionate equestrians, like you, care for your horse.

Lena + Precious before she went Metabolic

Precious fully Metabolic
Lena & Precious that started EcoNets

Lena & Precious after being on EcoNets for 2 years