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1/2 Inch Netting
Please Note: our 1/2" netting is no longer available
Unfortunately our manufacturer is no longer able to make this size. 


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Canpar, Purolator, UPS
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use a physical address or borrow a family, friend or business address,
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Only Canada Post can ship to
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Benefits of EcoNets

* easy to use
* safe & simple
* durable & long lasting
* extends hay up to 50%
* save's you time, hay + money
* keeps horses healthy, happy & content
* you get to spend more time with your horse 


Testimonials : 

Mike S - Morning, thanks for cutting my feed bill by almost 50% !!

L.B - EcoNets r by far the easiest + most durable, the only ones I will use !

Tracy V. - Absolutely luv our EcoNets at Dragonfly Endurance !!!

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