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Equine Expo - Saskatoon Feb 14 - 17
Stony Tack Sale - March 9 
Mane Event - RedDeer April 26 - 28
Leather & Lace - Ponoka July 27 - 28
Mane Event - Chilliwack Oct 25 - 27
CFR - RedDeer Oct 29 - Nov 3
C.W. Agribition - Regina Nov 18 - 23


We make feeding hay easy, so you can spend quality time with your horse - not feeding it !! Our nets are easy to use, extend your hay and make horses healthy, happy & content. We have a reputation for making the most durable, long lasting nets in the industry. EcoNets help you spend time with your horse... not doing chores ;))

The "Tips & Info" page offers helpful hints & ways to make feeding more efficient. We explain what size of netting you need and why, how to get started, ways to save time, and much more.

Great for stables, barns, farms, etc..
Order now & make pymts for delivery later,
Especially with high feed prices !!  

 EcoNets were developed when my daughters 20 yr old mare, Precious, became Metabolic & Insulin Resistant. I needed to slow her intake & have her lose weight, but still have continuous access to her feed. When I couldn't find a solution, I set out to make one myself. Read how EcoNets were created on the "About Us" page.

Lena & Precious that started EcoNets

Lena & Precious at Barrier Mtn Outfitters