Rope Pouch


$ 20.00 CAD 

Use these handy little Rope Pouches snap inside nets to hold & keep the excess drawcord/rope out of view & reach of the horses.
The pouch c
onveniently snaps onto the inside seam of the net, just inside the opening, with 1-2 snaps on the opening. This keeps the excess draw cord/rope out of view or reach of horses, preventing them from pulling & chewing on the rope and causing a hazard.

Works with Rounds, Lg Squares, Texas, and even Small Squares, anywhere there is excess rope. Made from 1000 Denier 'Cordura', that tear-proof horse blankets are made from. Several colors in 1 size.

Round Bale Insert - a Cordura 20" circle with web & snaps around the edge, meant to fill in the space when the drawcord can't completely close. If the bale is a bit too big and the drawcord cannot be pulled all the way closed, this fits inside the opening and the snaps secure to the net to form a temporary block or cover until the net can be pulled tighter or once some hay is consumed. These are currently in Burgundy and can be made in other colors if required. 1 size.

Customer Reviews

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Derrick MacPherson
Good quality

Greatly reduces the amount of waste the horses make. Saves a lot of hay. Went from 1 round bale every 2 days to one every 4 days

Joe Wesley
Excellent Product

I have been buying different sizes over the years. This is my first big bale bag!!! I just love it!!