Eco Nets

DIY ~ flat net

Eco Nets

$ 50.00 CAD 

DIY or 'Do It Yourself' flat netting for projects and/or home made feeders. Note that this is a stretched measurement, as our net stretches in it’s width & recoils back. The Length is a set measurement.  
* Note that because of the stretch in our netting and it being a Diamond not Square, we suggest you allow approx. 1 to 2 ft extra, in each direction, for your project.

Allow for the depth of your project as well as the Width + Length 

Use for:

- home made feeders

- lining feeders

- gardening

- curtains to keep birds out of sheds

- temporary fencing for sheep & more

 We offer "Custom Cut" netting, depending on size, with or without a rope binding around the edge. Custom cuts are not always available and custom cut charge applies. Call or email for a quote & provide diagrams or pictures of project. 

* No returns, exchanges or warranty on DIY or custom cut netting. All DIY nets are Final Sale.


Hay Boss Feeders -

Some customers have used our netting to replace the net on their Hay Boss feeders, but our net is designed to work loose over the hay, not tight. Use at your discretion, no guarantee's as to the effectiveness or durability when used in this manner.