D.I.Y ~ flat net pieces

Eco Nets

$ 50.00 CAD 

DIY or Do It Yourself flat netting for projects or home made feeders available in most of our netting. Sizes we have are generally - 5 ft wide x 5 ft long or 5 ft wide x 10 ft long and 10 x 10 ft. Note that this is a loosely stretched measurement, if you were to stretch the netting tight it would be wider. Our net stretches in it's width and has a recoil memory so it wants to scrunch back up, so a 5x10 piece is 5 ft wide (loosely stretched) and 10 ft long.

 Nets are packaged and ready to send. Use for building home made feeders, lining feeders, gardening, keeping birds out of sheds or any "Do It Yourself" project requiring netting. Make sure you account for the depth of your project, as well as the Length and Width. We do offer "Custom Cut" netting, depending on size, and with or without either rope or web binding around the edge.

** No returns, exchanges or warranty on DIY or custom cut netting. All DIY is Final Sale.
*** Custom sizes may be available even when not listed, call or email for a quote.
**** Note that some netting and sizes that customers had previously purchased may no longer be available, depending on current stock. offer custom cuts.

~ We do not recommend using our net on HayBoss feeders with the tightening aspect, as our net is designed to be used loosely over the hay, not tight.