Pommel Pac

Eco Nets

$ 25.00 CAD 

These Pommel Pac's or pouches fit snuggly to the front of your saddle and provide a secure spot for your sunglasses, snacks, epi-pen, cell phone or whatever you need handy while you ride. Wrap the top elastic strap over the horn, then push the bottom strap under the pommel and back over the horn. Cordura is waterproof and lined to keep things dry & handy. Several colors to choose from in the cordura.

3 styles:
Strap sewn on - $25
2 straps (web/elastic)- $45
Embossed leather - $60  Only 3 left with Embossed leather with a leather tie.

Please Note: we suggest that you use a Horse Holster for your cell phone so it is attached to you, not the saddle, in case anything should ever happen and you end up on the ground.