Tips: Using hay nets the following (2nd or 3rd) winter

Tips: Using hay nets the following (2nd or 3rd) winter
... remember to re-introduce the nets to the herd with loose hay for a couple of days. Even though the horses may have eaten from nets during the summer, eating from hay nets full time is different.

Custom Embroidery & Prize Options

We are now offering custom embroidery on our products: Mini, Half & Trailer Savers !!
We donated these Mini's to the Grand Entry gals for the Wetaskiwin & Ponoka rodeo's.
Mini's for Wetaskiwin/Ponoka rodeo'sBrittany & Shannons horses

We do the embroidery on the Cordura, put a seam on the edges and sew it right into the seam. Great exposure for your sponsors every time you use them and doesn't get in the way of the horse eating. Works well on Mini & Half nets, like these ones.

Embroidery costs depend on what you get done so have to be individually quoted. If there's a logo, like on these, there is a digitize fee to put it into the system. Fee depends on how long that takes, average's approx $20-45 one time fee. Then the embroidery can be anywhere from $5-45 per piece, depending on size, # of stitches and logo or no logo.

We also do the embroidery on our Trailer Savers, which are a more expensive item. If done ahead of assembling them it costs less then after but can be done b4 or after. 1st pic is Nancy Csabay's mare Wicked (CFR 2015+16 Winners), 2nd is Meggie's horse Buddy.Nancy's Wicked at trailerMeggie's 'Buddy' using Tr Saver at Dee Butterfield clinic

Contact us for a custom quote or options for your club or group and we'll help work with in your budget. Embroidery can also be done on the Horse Holsters, like this club did with getting  the 4H logo & club name.Embroidery on Horse Holster


Hope your enjoying the start of your summer.
Happy Trails & Blessings on Ya,

Shauna ;))