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Repair Items

Eco Nets

$ 10.00 CAD 

EcoNets offers various repair items for our customers. 
Repair Kits
- Small kit has repair patch with 15ft of twine included.
- Large kit has net & a 1/4 lb roll of twine.
- Repair pieces = extra net pieces for making repairs
To use, cut net to size needed, weave edges together with twine, carefully burn twine ends.

Twine Roll is 1/4 lb of repair twine, which is a lot of twine !! 
- make quick fixes
- use with patches to repair bigger holes by weaving patch in place
- small repairs, pull net together + weave, use caution when burning ends

Swivel Snap(HD)
- replace a broken snap or add another.

Drawcord Replacement - 1/4" dble braid rope - Black
- Small is 10ft and replaces all small drawcords
- Large is 25 ft + replaces all big net drawcords

Strap w/ 2 Snaps -
1 swivel snap on each end of strap, approx 16" long
- use to hang nets, buckets or whatever else needed in barn or trailer