Repair Items

Eco Nets

$ 5.00 CAD 

EcoNets offers various repair items to our customers for the odd time it is needed. 
Repair Kits: 
Repair kits are available in Small & Large sizes and in each size of netting we offer.  They can be used to repair round bale, square bale, half, mini and micro nets. 

Small kit has repair patch with twine included.
Large kit has net & twine, cut down to size needed & use twine to attach. 

Cut the section of net provided to the desired size for your repair, use the twine provided to attach the patch by knotting one end securely and then weave the 2 pieces together, tying a knot every couple of weaves but not cutting the twine - just keep going, repeating the process. When done, tie off securely being sure to burn end of twine so it doesn't unravel. Use extreme caution so you don't start hay on fire!!


Roll of Twine:
This roll is 1/4 Lb and will last a very long time as there's a lot of twine on a roll!!

Use to make quick fixes  for small areas when you see an issue in your net. By pulling the tear together by weaving and tying off. Use extreme caution when burning ends so it doesn't fray, so NOT to start a fire!! Or attach a repair piece of netting on a larger hole by weaving 2 pieces together, knotting, continuing until done.