Repair & Hardware Items


$ 20.00 CAD 

EcoNets offers various repair items as well as individual hardware items that are handy to have around the barn & trailer. So, if you need a Twine Roll or just luv our Swivel Snaps look no further.

Repair Kits
- Small Kit has a repair patch with 15ft of twine
- Large Kit has netting & a 1/4 lb twine roll
- Patch Kit has 3/4 lb of various sizes of net for patches & 1/4 lb twine roll
- Repair pieces = extra net pieces for making repairs
To use, cut the repair net to the size needed, weave edges together with twine, and carefully burn twine ends

Twine Roll is 1/4 lb of repair twine, which is a lot of repair twine
- make quick fixes
- use with patch to repair bigger holes by weaving the patch in place
- small repairs, pull net together + weave, use caution when burning ends

Hardware Items:
Hitch ring on eye bolt
- Hitch ring on 1" lag screw
- Hitch ring on plate
- Swivel Snap with 3/4" rope 
- 2 Pack -Swivel Snap  3/4" for rope
- 2 Pack - Swivel Snap with 1" flat opening
- 1" Welded Nickel Plated dee ring

NEW Straps:
- 36" Storage Strap with swivel and a 3.5" carabiner, holds up to 200 lbs! Use to store tools, rope, 

- EZ Wraps 1 x 24 inches with a 1" d-ring. Handy to hold travel panels together @ events, use in stalls to hang hay nets & buckets or to attach your stall front. Available in several colors/prints as a single strap, 2 or 4 pack.