Large Square Nets

Eco Nets


We have 2 sizes of Large Square bale nets 3x4x8 and 4x5x10
The 3x4x8 fits from 3x3x6 to 4x4x8 ft bales 
The 4x5x10 fits from 4x4x9 to 5x5x10 ft bales
They fit like a tube sock, with a drawcord and closed end. 

To Load: please do not stand on end - it is unsafe !!

Elevate 1 end from near the center, pulling the net onto that end as far as possible. Then set down and raise the opposite end, pull the net far enough past the bale that you can pull the drawcord, set down & remove equipment, pull the drawcord to almost tight, tie off the excess rope, and put it inside the net.
Then completely pull it closed and using the last bit of drawcord, securely tie a double slip knot using the D ring at the end of the seam.

(You can purchase our ROPE POUCH and attach the snaps to the inside seam of the net about 1 ft in, then stuff the excess rope into the pouch + snap it closed, so horses cannot play with and pull the drawcord out. It's a safety feature when you have those horses that put everything in their mouths, especially ropes)

TIP: if you have horses that like to untie knots, clip a metal carabiner onto the tail end of the slip knot and then clip onto the D ring, they cannot pull your knots loose now.

*** If SHOD horses have access, be sure to protect the net & them from getting injured or hung up from pawing, be sure to use a feeder !!