EZ Feed ~ Fence Hardware Kit for small nets

Eco Nets


EZ Feed Fence Hardware Kit allows you to turn any of our Small EcoNet products into a fence line feeder.

Includes pex pipe, pressure fit connector, 4 clamp's with screws and nails to attach to board or rail fence, Zip Ties for panel/metal fencing and detailed instructions. Net not included.

Simplify your daily feeding by making your current Mini, Half or Square EcoNet (or other net) into a handy fence line feeder. Once attached you just toss the hay into the net & are done...no more tying, hanging or undoing to feed next time !!

TIP: If SHOD horses have access to the net, be sure to hang so bottom of net is  at chest height or higher. This way they shouldn't be able to paw & get hung up or caught. Use caution with all SHOD horses & nets of any kind.