Hardware Kits


$ 25.00 CAD 

All of our kits on their own are listed here, so if you need to replace an EZ Feeder Hardware Kit (no net) or are looking for the handy Hay Hoop Kit for your net, check the list below.

Hay Hoop Kit: For mounting on fences or panels or take it with you. Includes hay hoop, pressure fit connector, 4 clamps with screws and nails to attach to board or rail fence, cable ties for panel/metal fencing, and detailed instructions—net sold separately.
- To install: weave the open folded edge of
the net onto the hoop, then push the hoop ends into the connector (will need to cut the size down if using Trailer Net), evenly spread the net out over the hoop & mount it on the inside (horse side)of fence/pen. The hoop is approx. 2ft in diameter 
*** Shod Horses - hang high enough so the bottom of the net is at chest height or higher of the tallest horse.
*** Works best with our Trailer, Mini or Half nets. Square nets hold too much hay and will be too heavy for the hoop.

Metal Frame Kits: simplify daily feeding by converting our Mini, Half or Square EcoNets into a handy stall or fence feeder. Once attached you just toss the hay into the open net & are done ... no more tying, hanging, or undoing nets to take to the hay pile & return to feed.
*Net is not included.

HOSE KIT for EZ Feeders:  Available in Medium or Large. This kit is for weaving the net onto the hose, to attach to your round bale feeder. Included are the hose, connector, clamps, and cable ties.
- Start by inserting the connector into 1 end of the hose and tightening a clamp over top to secure.
- Weave every other hole of the folded edge net onto the opposite end (so you have a double-layered net wove on the hose), spread the net out over the hose, and then set inside your feeder. (weave 3 in + 3 out for 1" nets)
- Position inside the feeder & start to fasten in place (not too tight in case you need to adjust). When you get the hose attached all the way around the inside of the feeder, see how much extra hose there is & cut off the excess, slip clamp over the cut end & push to connect the 2 ends, tighten clamp to secure
- Do any re-adjusting of the net before tightening zip ties & make sure you have used enough so that the hose is attached at least every 1 ft along the inside of the feeder
- Done ... now you can put out a new bale of hay - we suggest placing the bale on its side if it will fit in the feeder. This prevents damage to hay from moisture and weather changes.

TIP: If SHOD horses have access to the net, be sure to hang so the bottom of the net is at chest height or higher. This way they shouldn't be able to paw & get caught or hung up on the net.
* Use caution with all SHOD horses & nets of any kind.

 The following kits are in + out of stock regularly:

SQUARE METAL FRAME KIT:  For mounting in box stalls, run-ins, or loafing sheds. This kit is metal, can be used against a solid flat wall with hinges to open sideways for filling with hay, mounted in the top corner of stall to just toss hay up & into or mounted similar to Pex kit on fence or stall front. The frame is approx. 20" x 20" & weighs 3 lbs. We do not have a closure/lock at this time but Elastic Ball Ties work well and a clip is included to use for hooking closed.
Also "Corner Metal Frame" for box stalls or loafing sheds !!
*** Fits our Mini, Half or Square nets 
*** Trailer Nets will Not fit
*** Note: Nets from other manufacturers may not fit these as our frames are bigger in diameter than most nets can open