1.25" HD Trailer Nets

1.25" HD Trailer Nets. These are about the same size as our Mini net (1-4 flakes) but have a smaller circumference so they only hold 1-2 flakes of hay. They are made with our limited edition 1.25" HD netting, have sturdy welded d-rings on the top & bottom that are sewn into the Black or Purple webbing, the flexible 7 ft double braid drawcord has a sliding swivel snap and open to easily load 1-2 good sized flakes of hay. 

They are super handy when kept pre-filled hanging in the trailer or for a multitude of other uses. Great anytime you need to leave a horse standing quietly; whether it's waiting for the farrier or he's your next horse to ride that day or anywhere you need to feed 1-2 flakes of hay.

These are now very limited in numbers, once they sell out there will be no more.

Order your's now, before they are gone !!