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DIY or 'Do It Yourself' flat netting for projects and/or homemade feeders. Note that this is a stretched measurement, as our net stretches in its width & recoils back. The Length is a set measurement. These are not always available, if the item you'd like is "out of stock" or you require a different size, please contact us to see if we can make that size for you.

 our net is on the Diamond - not the square, and because of the stretch in our nettings width and it not being square, (like dimensional lumber) we suggest you allow approx. 2+ ft extra, in each direction, for your project.

** We offer 'netting strips for feeders', that you can use to line the inside of feeders that are open or have a couple of horizontal rungs at the bottom. We suggest measuring the diameter and the height of the bottom opening of your feeder before ordering, as these are final sales.

Allow for the depth of your project as well as the width + length. 

Use for:
- home-made feeders
- lining feeders
- garden fencing
- curtains to keep birds out of sheds
- temporary fencing for sheep & more

 Custom Cut Nets- We offer "Custom Cut" netting, depending on size, Custom cuts are not always available and a custom cut charge applies. Call or email for a quote & provide diagrams or pictures of your project. Note: all custom nets now require a signature on the project from the customer authorizing the specific dimensions of the net they are requesting, once signed & cut, all sales are final. 

* No returns, exchanges, or warranty on DIY or Custom Cut netting, these are all Final Sales.


Customer Reviews

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Donna Christie
Flat Net

We have replaced the old large hole netting in our 20 year old feeders with 1 inch EcoNet and it is slowing our horses down and performing nicely.