DIY - flat nets

Our DIY net is flat netting that is sold by size (Length + Width) or the lb, depending on the amount of net ordered. We stock several general sizes by the square footage and also do custom cuts (when available).

The Length of the netting is a pretty accurate measurement, so if using for a homemade feeder for example, allow a bit of extra length for attaching the net to your project. A couple ways to attach it are using wooden dowelling, pipe (in various forms), conduit, etc. we suggest folding the net over into a double layer when weaving it onto something. It can then be attached using zip ties, velcro, wire, etc...

The Width is not an exact measurement, as our net stretches + recoils back to itself, when we say a net is 5ft in width it will stretch to 7-8 ft, the width of the net should be used where it won't be constantly stretched, like the horizontal side of your feeder, please keep this in mind when considering your project.

Also allow for the depth of your project, so the net can reach the bottom of the feeder. 
Note that Repair Kits are not included in DIY nets.