New Products

We have been working on some new products & would like to introduce you to the following. There's more to come, so stay tuned.

Purple hay bag with webbing front Trailer Bags - made with rip stop horse blanket material, these bags hold 3 flakes, have 2 dowels in the top to help the bag keep it's shape, mesh bottom, re-enforced front webbing, an over-the-top flap that attaches at the back and high sides where the straps attach, all help to prevent horses from eating from the top.
Available in Purple, Teal, Black, Blue, Brick Red and Purple w/ Pink + White Stars. 


2 Black + 2 Purple folded EZ Wraps showing the D-ring on each



EZ Wraps -
these handy little straps are made of 1 + 1.5 inch webbing  with super sticky Velcro attached at both ends & a welded d-ring in the middle. They can be used just about anywhere but were designed to secure portable panels to each other when at   events so your horse(s) don't escape!! Use them to hang buckets, hay nets, toys, tack, blankets, attach stall fronts to, and an unlimited number of other things....Various colors to choose from and available to purchase in sets of 4, 6, 8 or 1.

Wrap StrapSwivel Wrap Straps 2 x 36 inch with a 360 degree swivel & large carabiner, this strap can hold up to 200 lbs!! Same uses as the EZ Wraps and even more. Buy 1 or in sets of  2, 4 & 6


hitchin ring on a plate with openings for 4 screwsimage of a loose ring on a bolt with nut to secureimage of a loose ring on a screwpack of 2 rope snaps on a Western Rawhide hardware cardpack of 2 Western Rawhide snaps for webbing

Hardware - we now carry a few pieces of hardware to help with hanging your nets &      general barn use.
- hitch ring on mounting plate        - bucket straps 
- hitch ring on screw                        - 2 packs of swivel snaps, round or square ends
- hitch ring on bolt                           - metal carabiners and d-rings.