Gifts & Items Under $55

Need a gift for the Horse Crazy person on your shopping list ? We have several options to choose from. Check out the info on the list below for great gift idea's and happy shopping ;))

1 - Cinch Set - these super soft yet very strong billet & latigo sets for western saddles are all the rage for pleasure riders & barrel racers. Lots of prints & colors. Sets are only $45 each.

2 - HD Trailer Nets in our HD netting hold 1 to 2 flakes of hay and are great for trailering or just to keep occupied while tied. Choice of 1.5" (most horses) or 1" ( the EZ keepers/over weight horses) and because they only come in Black it simplifies the decision making process.


3 - Mini Nets - need a net in their fav color ? The Mini nets are available in Purple, Raspberry, Red, Black, Blue, Teal, Green or Hunter and in 1.5" or 1" openings.
They hold up to 4 flakes of hay for only $45 each.

4 - Critter Net - have a young one with any type of caged critter like a rabbit or Guinea pig ? Our Critter net prevents the hay from becoming bedding and they are only $17.50 each ;))