Gifts & Items Under $55

Need a gift for the Horse Crazy person on your shopping list ? We have several options to choose from. Check out the info on the list below for great gift idea's and happy shopping ;))

1 - Cinch Sets - Priced to clear $20-$35 on remaining stock. These super soft yet very strong billet & latigo sets for western saddles are popular for anyone wanting to add some color to their tack with cute prints & colors. 

2 - Trailer Nets  hold 1 to 2 good sized flakes of hay and are great for trailering or just to keep occupied while tied. Choice of 1.5" (most horses) or 1" ( the EZ keepers/over weight horses) and they only come in Black or Purple.


3 - Mini Nets - need a net in their fav color ? The Mini nets are available in Purple, Pink, Teal, Black, Blue, Green and Red in 1.5" or 1" openings.
They hold up to 4 flakes of hay. Reg $45  + HD $55 each.

4 - Critter Net - have a young one with any type of caged critter like a rabbit or Guinea pig ? Our Critter net prevents the hay from becoming bedding ;)) Use with birds, guinea pigs, bunnies, and more.

5 - Pommel Pac - need to carry an Epi Pen ( glasses, keys, or your phone ) ? Keep it within immediate & eat access by using our Pommel Pac's, they keep your important items safe, secure and easily accessible while riding. Original have an elastic strap sewn onto the back (shown in photos). New style comes with an elastic strap and a web strap ( use 1 or the other ) to secure over your western saddles pommel, so it sits facing you.

6 - Wristlet's - Handy little wrist straps to identify and carry your keys. Made of 100% pre-washed cotton with a swivel snap. Slip your hand thru the strap & you don't have to worry about dropping them $10 each.

7 - Pet Bandana's - 2 in 1, over the collar style bandana's in lots of fun prints + solid colors. Made with pre-washed 100% cotton, there's a different print/color on each side, so it's like getting 2 for 1. Sizes from small puppies or cats all the way up to big dogs. More pet products will be added over the coming year.

8 - Paw Wipes - these paw wipes have slip pockets on each end for your hands and a loop in the center to hang to dry. Made from recycled denim and cute prints with absorbent fleece or micro cloth. Handy at the door or in vehicle for wiping dirty paws before they make a mess.