Gifts & Items Under $55

Need a gift for the Horse Crazy person on your shopping list ? We have several options to choose from. Check out the info on the list below for great gift idea's and happy shopping ;))

1 - Cinch Sets - these super soft yet very strong billet & latigo sets for western saddles are all the rage for pleasure riders & barrel racers. Lots of prints & colors. Sets are priced to clear, with savings up to $15 OFF !!

2 - HD Trailer Nets in our HD netting hold 1 to 2 flakes of hay and are great for trailering or just to keep occupied while tied. Choice of 1.5" (most horses) or 1" ( the EZ keepers/over weight horses) and because they only come in Black it simplifies the decision making process.


3 - Mini Nets - need a net in their fav color ? The Mini nets are available in Purple, Raspberry, Red, Black, Blue, Teal, Green and in 1.5" or 1" openings.
They hold up to 4 flakes of hay for only $45 each.

4 - Critter Net - have a young one with any type of caged critter like a rabbit or Guinea pig ? Our Critter net prevents the hay from becoming bedding ;))

5 - Horse Holsters (cell phone carriers) - carry your cell phone safely by using a Holster, wear on your thigh, belt, crossbody or even over top of your English boots. This way your phone is on you, not your horse, should you come off. Great Birthday presents for the trail rider. Priced at $10 OFF !

6 - Pommel Pac - need to carry an Epi Pen ? Kepp it right within access by using our Pommel Pac's, they keep your important items safe, secure and easily accessible while riding. Choice of elastic or web strap to secure around your western saddles pommel, so it sits facing you.