Dog Bandana's


$ 15.00 CAD 

Over-the-Collar bandanas for your fur babies (dogs) that stay on and they cannot lose. These are made from 2 layers of 100% cotton that have been pre-washed, so they won't shrink. You get 2 bandanas in 1, as they are double-sided, we use 2 different prints or colors on each bandana. 
To put them on - remove your dog's collar, choose which side to use show, slide the collar through the opening on the bandana, then put his/her collar back on to show off their new bandana.

XSmall -
Small - 6" wide x 6" long
Small/Medium - 7" wide x 7" long
Medium - 8" wide x 8" long
Large - 10" wide x 10" long

Scrunchie Bandanas have an elastic strip that you stretch out to slide over your dog's head. The fit should be the same as your dog's collar or just a tad bit tighter (you don't want it to be tight). These have the same materials + sizing as the OvertheCollar bandanas. you get 2 fun prints or colors on 1 bandana.