Eco Nets

Small Nets


$ 45.00 CAD 

Here you'll find our Trailer, Mini, Half, Square, and Texas sized nets. Our small nets have a generously sized opening so they are easy to load with hay, have d-rings on top and bottom with a durable sliding swivel snap on a 1/4" double braid drawcord. These features make them easy to load, hang & use. Also when you secure the d-ring to a solid eye hook they will not drop lower than the height hung, as the hay is eaten, making them safer (unlike typical old-fashioned nets that get longer as the hay is eaten).

Trailer - holds 1-2 flakes
Mini's - holds 1-4 flakes
Half's - holds up to 1/2 of a small square
           - to make it into a smaller net:
           - add 1-4 flakes & fold net in half 
           - clip the 2 d-rings together & hang
Square - holds 1 small square from 50-75 lbs
             - or 2 smaller/compact 30-40 lb bales
Texas - holds 2 small squares side by side or one 3 string bale

Note that Trailer & Texas have Purple web on 1.5" + 1"  Reg nets and Black webbing on HD nets, like 2", 1.5" + 1" HD. All the other small nets have 7 colors of webbing to choose from.