1.25" HD ~ Trailer Nets


$ 45.00 CAD 

1.25" HD Trailer Nets, choice of Purple, Teal, or Black.
Hold 2+ good sized flakes of hay each, d-rings top + bottom & sliding swivel snap. Our most popular small net. 
If you ever wished there was an in-between size of netting, here it is.
* HD (Heavy Duty) refers to the size of the twine that makes up the net, it is double in size compared to our regular twine nets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Deana Vellenoweth
My go to hay bag

This is the only bag I have bought and will buy. I love the eco net

Gwen Spelliscy
Works perfect for us !

The small 1.25" openings of Heavy duty netting is the most durable, long lasting nets I've had. I bought 2 of these well over a year ago {still using them} & 2 more this year. My mare is able to get every piece of hay from the net. To have them also be so tough to last is a bonus. I space them apart at distance {usually strapped with a bucket strap & to a tree branch} so she has to walk from one to the other. If we did a round bale in a large feeder, that's where she would stand ALL the time.....so this makes my 25 year old mare walk/work for her feed !